Costa Rica’s Conventional Shift from Fossil Fuels

Costa Rica is a haven for the explorer looking to escape the hustle of city life. The country is home to a range of expansive sandy beaches and thick tropical rain forests that are bait for tourists’ flocks annually. On a surface level, the country seems green enough, and however, a more in-depth look into the country’s setup shows the disparity in eco-friendly practices. 

Costa Rica has of the most congested auto industries in the world. These automobiles present a problem for the environment with their emissions. Costa Rica is one of the largest CO2 emitters in South America.

Following the change in the global scenario caused by the coronavirus, the use of automobiles has dramatically reduced. Costa Rica, as a country, imposed strict regulations on auto transportation to curb the spread of coronavirus. 

As the country opens up, there is a concern whether the dependence on automobiles is a recurring factor. The economy majorly relies on transpiration to carry on activities. However, the city experienced a cleaner environment during the lockdown season. 

Costa Rica is among the countries still dependant on coal-based sources of energy. Even though the government has laid down strict regulations against fossil fuel use and high emissions, the country still has a lot of gas emissions from the transport sector 

Costa Rica’s transport sector contributes 54% of the country’s cumulative greenhouse gas emissions. It is no surprise that the country needs to be a shift towards environment-friendly sources of transport 

The implementation of electric vehicles in the area is not possible. Despite the positive impact electric vehicles have on reducing emissions, laying out an electric-based transport grid is costly for the people and the country at large. However the vision is still in the picture. 

There is, however, speculation of integrating bicycles as an alternative to motor vehicles. The move is not all too new in the country. Costa Rica has had its fair share of environmental activists who lodged to shift towards bicycles. After much review, the country opened up to the idea which soon saw the introduction of cycle ways in streets 

Following the coronavirus pandemic, experts speculate that a majority of the populous will shift to using bicycles as a green alternative. The bicycles reduce emissions as well as offer an opportunity for a healthier lifestyle. Will Costa Rica make the difference in emissions after the pandemic settles, only time will tell

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