Restart Energy to Install in Romania a 45 MW Solar Power Plant

Restart Energy is focusing on creating renewable energy to help the planet deal with climate changes. The company’s first step in the journey to the creation of a renewable energy portfolio of 500MW is under a ready-to-build project. It has acquired this deal and has come public about its intention to invest $30 million. The first venture involves the construction of a 45 MW solar power plant.

Restart Energy is one of the top electricity and gas suppliers. In a recent announcement, the Restart Energy claims that it will build a photovoltaic plant in Romania. Its exact location is northwest of Romania. If things go according to plan, Restart Energy will launch the new product next year-end of March. This venture will create jobs for a lot of people. The company needs one hundred people for the construction phase, requiring fifteen permanent workers in the facility.

The plant’s output is estimated to 55 GWh annually, the exact number of 25,000 households in Romania. From the recent reports, this project will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission. It will prevent the release of over 1.23 million tons of CO2 in the twenty-five years of its operation. In the company’s announcement, the spokesperson stated that the project is ready to start its building process. The first move will involve developing and integrating the upstream segment with 500 MW renewable energy works by 2025.

 How exactly does Restart Energy plan to achieve this ambitious step? It involves the development of 100 MW annually. Restart Energy has a joint venture alongside the United States’ Interlink Capital Strategies for the endeavor. The company hopes to achieve at least $100 million in the next five years in the investment section. The main targets include wind, solar, biomass, geothermal energy, and biogas.

The company bought the Sarmasag project during its brownfield stage from a team of experts. In a Restart Energy CEO and Founder, Armand Domuta, he expressed his excitement about the new project. He stated that Restart Energy is lucky to have a chance to contribute to the green development energy infrastructure in Romania. Also, the company will balance the grid with the introduction of clean and green energy.

Other than the firm’s funds, the project will receive finances via private banks and equity. The management team is working to boost its economy. Currently, the firm also operates in Serbia and is working on expanding to German and Space. Besides, Restart Energy is interested in joining the European Markets. The company’s move will help create energy that is clean and green from renewable sources. Many people hope to watch this project grow and assist in the planet’s mission to net-zero emission.

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