Philippines leading grid operator gives Wartsila a contract to install a floating barge-mounted energy storage system

Finnish multinational energy sources manufacturer and service provider, Wartsila Corporation, will supply materials and install a floating barge-mounted 54megawatts (MW) energy storage system in a contract granted by Therma Marine Inc. (TMI).TMI, a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power Corporation, one of the significant grid operators in the Philippines, placed the order in September 2020. The first delivery is expected before the end of 2021 and will be carried out on a fast-track basis.

Wartsila, headquartered in Helsinki, will be the sole engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) operator for this project. Wartsila will install the new barge next to TMI’s thermal power barge with a 100MW capacity in the Maco municipality in Davao de Oro province. “Wartsila will meet our urgent needs with this innovative and unique floating energy storage barge. Their ability to deliver this first-of-a-kind solution in less than 12 months is, to say the least, impressive,” said Aboitiz Power CEO Emmanuel V. Rubio.

This will be the first floating storage system in the South East Asia region. Wartsila will place ten of its Wartsila GridSolv Max system using its GEMS technology. The technology is an intelligent software platform that monitors, controls, and optimizes energy assets on-site and portfolio levels. The project will deliver flexibility for TMI in their subordinate role for the National Grid Corporation.

“In addition to meeting TMI’s needs, it is important to note that Wartsila is the sole EPC provider for this kind of project. The alternative would be to have one supplier for the barge and another for the energy storage system, which would require a lot of coordination and would undoubtedly slow the final delivery considerably,” said Kari Punnonen, Wartsila’s Energy Business Director for the Australasia region. Wartsila’s services in South East Asia are well recorded. The company prides itself on a great portfolio, including 9,000MW of installed systems.2000MW among the 9,000 were installed on an EPC basis, and 300MW represent energy storage technology.

A floating power barge enables a fast supply of electricity to areas with limited infrastructure and is a mobile asset, promoting relocation or trade. Globally, the Finnish company has installed about 26 power barge systems, with a total power output of 1,500MW.GEMS is one of the fastest-growing and widely used energy storage software and integration platform worldwide. It can manage and coincide with any complex composition of energy assets such as wind, solar, thermal, and storage. The Wartsila GridSolv Max is an advanced energy storage solution that can support both stand-alone and combined energy storage systems. The technology provides flexible and modular storage for the core hardware assets within an energy storage system.

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