Canada to mine materials for building more electric vehicles in North America

The automotive industry is slowly transitioning from gas-powered cars to electric cars since the globe is working on cleaning up the environment. However, change means having the necessary resources to build new technologies and resources to help the masses adopt new products. With this shift, we have learned and understood the importance of things in the ground and the role they can play in our daily lives. Before the automotive industry, we drilled to get petrol for our cars’ functionality; however, now we need minerals to help build batteries and electric motors for these digital cars.

Currently, Canada is working on Cobalt and Lithium mining, according to reliable sources from the country. Automotive supply settings are always a mixture of local and global partnerships, which explains why the US is working with Canada to help the country’s electric vehicles’ industry. President Biden’s administration works towards a net-zero emission target, meaning it requires adequate EV production, seeking help from Canada.

Recently, the US government, under the commerce department, held a virtual meeting with battery manufacturers and miners targeting to mine more minerals from the Canadian grounds to supply to the US automotive industry. With that, North America can have adequate electric vehicles to match the much-needed transition to clean energy. This move key reason is an international competition that doesn’t surprise with recent China and Europe’s investments.

VW announced its plans of building six battery gigafactories across Europe while the leading EV market, China, is currently working on its regional electric vehicles supply chain. The Tsingshan Company stated that it would supply about 100,000 nickel tonnes to Chinese battery producers, demonstrating the country’s strategic interest in maintaining its dominance in the electric vehicles’ market.

The US Commerce department declined Reuter’s request to comment on this matter, but reliable sources claim that they were 30 plus attendees, including Talon Metals, Tesla and, Livent Corp. North America is looking to see if Canada can become one of its most extensive minerals’ suppliers and help it handle some issues. In February, President Biden and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau met and mentioned that the two nations would improve the electric vehicles’ sector.

The two leaders agreed to work on the Minerals Action plan to reach the net-zero emission target by improving the batteries’ sectors and improving the renewable energy sources. Several existing EV minerals’ agreements between the two countries giving Canada benefits from these partnerships. Seamus O’Regan, the Natural resources minister in Canada, stated that North America is aware that Canada is the best and safest supplier of metals.

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