GICON, a German company, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Vietnam Petroleum Institute on green energy

The Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) and GICON, a German energy-sector engineering firm, recently concluded a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on sustainable energy and hydrogen development in the Southeast Asian region. According to GICON, the collaborators will concentrate on wind power as well as biogas, with a particular emphasis on emerging innovative technology for the generation of renewable power and green hydrogen. The groups plan to adopt and improve GICON’s inventions, which the organization has already developed with Vietnamese requirements in mind.

An offshore wind turbine would be connected to an electrolyzer to generate hydrogen from seawater as part of one of the pilot ventures.  In another project, GICON would extract biogas using its patented method, which was developed specially for waste with high impurities. GICON, as well as the VPI, will both share expertise and run study programs in the fields of climate conservation, clean energy, ecology, and environmental toxicology, according to the MoU.

“Each spouse brings their individual abilities to the table in the most effective way possible. We blend GICON’s cutting-edge clean energy technology and engineering skills with our understanding of Southeast Asia’s requirements and our exploration and development capacities.  We improve the regional economy in Vietnam by executing the projects locally. “In a tweet, VPI Director General Nguyen Anh Duc stated.

The Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI), centered on the General Department of Geology’s Petroleum Geological Division No. 36B, was established on May 22, 1978, in response to the rapid development of the Vietnamese oil and gas sector. VPI has grown into a leading science and technical research center in the world, covering all aspects of the petroleum industry after approximately 35 years of growth. Processing, Safety & Environment, Petroleum Exploration and Production, Technology Application and Transfer, Economic and Management, Laboratory and Archives are the Institute’s seven specialized research centers.

The below are the roles and activities that have been delegated to the Institute:

• Conducting research and development in the fields of gas and oil prospecting, drilling, manufacturing, transportation, storage, delivery, economics, and management; collaborating with local and foreign organizations in these areas.

• Providing research and technological advice to businesses both inside and outside of the petroleum sector, as well as international energy companies.

• Providing technical and technical consulting in the areas of prospecting, drilling, development, transportation, storage, as well as the economics of oil and gas to the Vietnamese government, Petrovietnam, state agencies, as well as international oil firms.

• Providing instruction, including post-graduate programs, to develop the technical capability of workers employed in the oil and gas sector.

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