Trump reveals a new Space Force Logo; People claim it looks like the Star Trek I.nsignia

United States President Donald Trump, on January 24th, 2020, released a new logo for the U.S. space Force leading to a widespread reaction from the public. Possibilities are that this may be because of a close similarity to the ‘star Trek’ symbol. The logo draws strongly on the new Air Force Military branch. Trump unveiled the logo on Twitter, the most recent one in a series of reveals for the new U.S. military branch, including a new uniform nametapes and a swearing-in ceremony for General John W. Raymond as the new Space Operations Chief.
In his Twitter announcement, Trump wrote that he had come to the logo decision after consulting with Military leaders, designers, amongst other stakeholders. Raymond, in response to Trump’s announcement, thanked the president for his leadership and continued support in America’s space capabilities.
A few Space Force program watchers were swift to identify and bring out the logo’s similarities to that of the known science fiction T.V series ‘Star Trek.’ Even though the resemblance is visible, the Space Force logo takes more from the Air Force Command Seal, which has an arrow-shaped delta sign over a stylized Earth representation, with stars surrounding the planet in orbit.
Space Force Officials, on the other hand, have clearly stated the exact meaning and the symbolism of the new logo. According to its Facebook post, dated Friday, the creation of the seal pays respect to the latest Military service that serves to organize, train, and equip space forces for the protection of the U.S and allies interested in space.
According to the post, the U.S. Space Force Seal is in honor of the Air Force Department’s history and accurate record of providing the world with best the best capabilities. The U.S. Air Forces Army first used the delta sign in 1942. From that moment on, the symbol has been used prominently by the military space Community.
President Trump launched the U.S Space Force officially in December 2019, during his signing of the 738 billion dollar National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year of 2020. On January 14th, 2020, John Raymond was sworn into office as the Chief of Space Operations for the Force. Raymond, in his remarks, said that among the Force’s goals was that of avoiding military conflict in space. This he said after being sworn in by the Vice President of the U.S.

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