Activists groups from Ukraine demands shift into the renewable energy

An activist group in Ukraine has held demonstrations at the ministry of environment and energy in Kyiv with demands for the country to shift to the use of 100% renewable energy by 2050. Backed by a group of 14000 activities, they sighed a petition aimed at shutting the nuclear powerplants and coal-fired plants while also stoping the construction of new plants by 2035.

Local groups are receiving support from Fridays for the future, extinction rebellion, and many other international movements who are in line with this demand. The demands were against the slow pace at which the Ukrainian government is changing with low-carbon energy solutions. Their plea was that the government should think of investing more in energy efficiency and green public transport system with a better electricity grid.

The goal of the recently signed Ukraine green deal is aimed at cutting the demand for power by 50%. It also aims at ensuring that reliance on coal, nuclear fuel, and natural gas is significantly reduced. It is backed by non-governmental organizations such as ecodia, ecoclub, ecoltava, and the Khmelnytskyi energy cluster they intent on cutting on financing being channeled to fossil fuel. Additionally, they are after ensuring that Ukraine gets a just and prosperous future with green energy.

The Ukrainian government is taking the effort to ensure that families that relied on those solutions did not have to suffer when the blow finally hit. The pressure is being mounted on the government to ensure that they have viable solutions for the change that intends to tune to 70% of renewable energy. Activities suggest that from clean sources, Ukraine can provide up to 93%  of the energy they need

As per their strategic plans, they are set to have Ukraine having net zero emissions of harmful properties by 2070, which will e after two decades from the mark the European Union has established. With discussions still going between president Volodymyr Zelensky’s government and the clean energy providers, European bank for reconstruction and development will be a crucial player. It will be a tough thing for Ukraine as nuclear power and coal are essential contributors to their economy.

Tension has continued to rise with these protests as they seek to have their demands fulfilled by the government and all concerned parties. Their main aim is forcing a drastic change from nonrenewable energy sources attributing them to major calamities. Changing into this new form of energy is seen to be cheaper and better hence the massive public push to a change.

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