NASA’s first woman space travel head, Kathy Lueders, will oversee an American departure to space

The foremost female to be the head of NASA’s human space travel program will superintend the principal mission to land a female on the moon, and she is anticipating great results to come from the forthcoming generation of youth, woman space fans.

Kathy Lueders, who to date headed NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, will be in charge of all the crewed space travels events at NASA as the subordinate superintendent for the agency’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate. The raise, which NASA proclaimed on the 12th of June, came along weeks amid Doug Loverro resignation from the chair.

During a teleconference with newsmakers, Kathy outlined that when Jim probed her concerning taking the task of overseeing the mission, it never crossed her mind about being the first female, and she quoted that she was dazed with the task ahead.

She highlighted that her spouse brought it to her attention about being the first female to take up that position to the extent that made her pause for a minute and meditate about all the persons who have been first. She further outlined that Sally Ride was the foremost American female in orbit hence being her first.

In the teleconference, Jim officially unveiled the agency’s new human space travel head and laid out the tasks that fall under Kathy and her squad. He also quoted that big plans were in store about going to the moon before 2024 with the first female and a male taking the helm. He trusted that Kathy was the right person for the job of overseeing the space travel.

As the head of NASA’s commercial crew program, Kathy supervised the SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission that dispatched the two spacemen Bob and Hurley to the ISS. Afore that, Kathy acted as the integration manager for the ISS program in the transportation field, supervising payload resupply operations. Kathy’s profession in NASA commenced in 1992 when she became the second female to task in the propulsion lab based in Mexico.

Kathy has been amazed by all the posts from the girl child in all the social media platforms. It made her comprehend the power of being the first-ever female to, and the impact it would create on the girl child. She was privileged by what she saw among the young girls, and she was anticipating great things from them.

While Kathy looked jovial to act as san inspiration to the young female who portrayed interests in space, she highlighted that females were not the only people underrepresented, but all groups of people as well regardless of age and gender.

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