Sending of Haggis to the Space Edge by a Scottish Butcher

Last Friday, there was a video revealed by the Scottish butcher company. The footage showed a bag of Haggis, which is traditional Scottish food, having a ride to the space edge using a weather balloon. The purpose for this was to boost science and celebrating Scotland’s annual “Burns Night.”  The video was released by butcher Howie Simon and presented the weather balloon launched in Dunning, the company’s headquarters, located 16km Perth southwest. The balloon was seen going up 32.1km into the sky with the haggis bag front and center in a clear sky.

After going up in the sky, the Haggis then landed back on Earth safely using a parachute that was deployed hundreds of meters from the ground. The company wrote on its website that this was planned to boost science and make the general public happy after having a challenging year. Scottish Butcher collaborated with Stratonauts, which is a company specializing in launching educational and promotional projects.

Howie said that after the Covid-19 restrictions are over, the two companies will hold workshops in Scottish primary schools. The workshop’s main objective would be to inspire students and motivate them to study science and technology.

2020 was a year like no other. The pandemic led to the closure of many businesses, and life was never the same again. People were restricted to travel as lockdowns we put in place. Students stayed at home as schools were closed. Some of the companies and learning institutions allowed workers to work from home, and students adopted online learning.

Increasing women’s spending in Scotland crisis program

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, said that coronavirus-mandated isolation could expose women at a higher risk of been sexually harassed. For this reason, Nicola announced a $1.8 million appropriation for women’s support against rape and other domestic crisis. On Tuesday, when she was addressing the reporters in the capital, Edinburgh, Nicola said that funds would help cater to support services for women and children who are vulnerable and isolated during this period of crisis.

Nicola noted that it is unfortunate to see women and children suffering during this difficult time, saying this is not good at all. She also warned those who engage in raping women that their days are numbered, and they will face the full force of the law. Nicola promised that the government would provide any kind of support during this challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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