Nelson is hopeful that he’ll be nominated for the position of NASA administrator

The Biden administration is planning to nominate Bill Nelson to fill the position of NASA administrator. This move will be considered a token of appreciation because this former senator was among the proponents of the agency on Capitol Hill. Reliable sources indicate that the administration will be announcing the nomination before the end of this week. The process was supposed to take place early but was postponed to prevent interferences with the Green Run engine test of the Space Launch System core stage that was going to happen at the Stennis Space Center. A recent White House briefing by press secretary Jen Psaki was adamant about divulging details concerning the nomination. She explained that she didn’t have anything to add to what they had already said concerning this matter and that they would continue to brief the country as updates arise.

Nelson became the most suitable nominee about a month ago, going with the previous nomination statistics that the Biden administration has encouraged. In this period, Psaki stated that the White House had no plans for selecting an administrator for this vital agency. Speculations about the nomination of Nelson filled the air in March, and there is no announcement related to the truth of the matter. Nelson is not a newbie in the space community after serving as a senator for three terms in Florida, a position that allowed him to be involved in Senate Commerce Committee and its space subcommittee. Additionally, he also led the establishment of the 2010 NASA authorization act that favored the production of Orion and an SLS rocket after halting the Constellation program. This policy allowed NASA to operate the commercial crew program.

Nelson aggressively participated in the election of the two previous NASA administrators. He advocated for the election of former astronaut Charles Bolden as the administrator, thrashing the other candidates proposed by the Obama administration. Bolden then served the agency through to the end of the Obama Era. Nelson again rallied behind Jim Bridenstine, who has served the Trump administration in NASA until its end. Nelson heaped praise upon Bridenstine for not politicizing the role considering he was a Republican congressman. The current senators will remember Nelson after his service, which was ended when he lost his fourth term election.

One commercial space pioneer stated that selecting Nelson for the position will be advantageous considering his previous choice, Bridenstine, has performed effectively. Experts think that Nelson has an eye for talent, and that is why he is the ideal person to head NASA. Another possible selection is a former astronaut Pam Melroy as Nelson’s deputy, although the details of the nomination are still scanty.

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