Jim Bridenstine lands another job with the Viasat board of directors not long after stepping down as NASA administrator

Following the end of former US president Donald Trump’s reign, Jim Bridenstine resigned as the NASA administrator on 20th January. Not long after the resignation, he got a job in Acorn Growth Companies. The privately-owned equity firm assigned him the role of a senior advisor. His latest assignment is serving as one of the board of directors at Viasat. The satellite operator has seen a need to expand its board to accommodate Jim Bridenstine. From now on, it will now have eight members, and Bridenstine will have another corporate role ever since leaving his NASA position as the agency’s administrator.

According to the former NASA administrator, the opportunity to work with Viasat excites him since it gives him a chance to get involved in its commercial capabilities. It consists of increasing connection, bandwidth, and throughput, which is suitable for the human race. He also added that the expected capacity to be provided by ViaSat-3 would be in a better position to compete with other terrestrial networks. As a matter of fact, it would be a satellite constellation in a position to provide a throughput of up to 1 terabit every second.

It is no secret that Viasat-3, a broadband constellation comprising three satellites, has seen the company invest heavily. The end game is rewarding since it would mean the firm is providing its services globally. Were it not for the coronavirus pandemic, the first of the three satellites would have been up and running, serving the Americans before the end of 2021. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has affected various sectors, including disrupting the supply chain. Consequently, a delay is inevitable, and the launch can only take place earliest early 2022.

Bridenstine acknowledged that he is the one who approached Viasat less than two months ago. What motivated his move was the company’s efforts to reduce the digital divide using ways such as increasing the bandwidth and reducing costs. As far as Jim is concerned, those measures are necessary since the big digital divide has a share of its disadvantages. Its effect on healthcare, education, and the economy when it comes to consequences makes it a priority. It also has implications on other crucial matters and cuts across the board, affecting the United States and the rest of the world.

Viasat serves the government, enterprises, and consumers. It is banking on Bridenstine’s experience in safety, innovation, and technology associated with space to take the services a notch higher. There is hope for the mission since most things are being done online because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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