In Europe, Orbit Communications signs a deal for a Maritime Terminal

Orbit Communications Systems, a manufacturer of maritime as well as airborne satellite terminals, has secured a $3.1 million contract from an undisclosed European integrator for the OceanTRx4 Mil satellite communications program for the naval military systems. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2022, according to the group.

The OceanTRx 4 Mil terminal is planned to offer maritime end-users uninterrupted satellite broadband connectivity. The “Mil” version is built on Orbit’s OceanTRx4 platform, but with the military features included. It is compatible with antenna systems that have a diameter of 1.15 meters that operate in the Ku, X, and Ka bands, as well as synchronized operation of several frequencies for worldwide operation.  Comsat, which introduced Orbit’s Multi-Purpose Terminals (MPT) as well as OceanTRx hardware to its collection in September 2020, distributes OceanTRx.

Orbit Chief executive Daniel Eshchar stated, “We are confident of this pioneering European defense integrator’s decision to buy one of the Orbit’s leading platforms.” “The OceanTRx4 Mil platform… embraces both military and civilian frequencies, enabling our customers to utilize dual frequency bands on a military system,” according to the company. Orbit’s technical supremacy in maritime satellite communications networks in general, and specialized navies in particular, is enhanced by this order.”

The OceanTRx 4 Mil is commonly known as a Maritime Satcom Terminal focused on the OceanTRx4 platform together with upgraded military capability. A proprietary maritime satellite transmission device that supports a range of 1.15-meter diameter antenna systems as well as works at Ku, X, and Ka frequencies, as well as synchronized operation at various frequencies for global activity. The OceanTRx 4 Mil device is built for simple implementation, servicing, and improvement for protection customers, mixing RF performance with high system availability.

Orbit Communication Systems Ltd. (TASE: ORBI), a major global supplier of airborne messaging, maritime as well as ground-station satellite monitoring technologies, is helping to extend and redefine how we communicate. Orbit devices can be used on commercial airplanes and war jets, cruise ships, and naval submarines, as well as base stations as well as offshore platforms. We provide business carriers, major air forces as well as navies, space agencies, and developing New Space firms with creative, cost-effective, and highly efficient solutions.

For usage in the most challenging situations, Orbit provides extremely efficient and cost-effective communications solutions. Orbit solutions can be used on airliners and the jet fighters, cruise ships as well as navy warships, offshore platforms, and lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – several over 9,000 fielded devices. They come up with creative ways to bind you and keep you hooked. It all starts with an innovative team and clever architecture – as well as a lengthy list of firsts, patents, and honors. They have won the confidence of key aerospace as well as government departments, as well as emerging service providers, thanks to our rigorous quality management, registration, and manufacturing processes. Via unsurpassed efficiency, long-term support, and collective product evolution, they help their customers evolve.

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