Space junk crisis hits tipping point as 18 tons rocket fall on earth that is of Chinese origin

NASA approximates that 21,000 pieces of space junk are in existence in the space, this came about when man first traveled up in the area in 1961 and never did the duty of keeping it tidy. Five hundred thousand pieces of debris are the same size of marbles, and it travels at a speed of 17,500 mph, which is considered a danger to the satellites.

 An 18-ton rocket of Chinese origin passed over the states of Los Angeles and New York and fell right into the Atlantic Ocean. It has been projected that around 8,800 tons of objects that were not gotten rid of by humans who went to space could be hazardous; hence misses such as that are common nowadays, a case was recorded last year in September.

It was recorded in 2009 that two satellites both of American and Russian origin crashed and damaged in northern Siberia

A satellite run by the AT&T was termed as dangerous, and it could explode hence destroying other satellites so it was moved from the others before it could cause harm thus since then no action was displayed

The FCC voted at the ending of April hence requiring lots of admission from people who operate in satellites seeking licenses. However, they wilted from introducing new laws that govern the removal of orbital debris.

The problem is anticipated to get worse according to experts because many satellites will be launching annually, almost close to 1,100 satellites. The number of satellites around the earth is expected to be much more in the next decade

A company called Astroscale that is in charge of cleaning up space debris is also in the cost of cleaning up space pathways to dodge collisions of objects left by the man in the space; even the Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency is involved in removing the debris

It plans to conclude its mission by the end of 2022, and the target of its purpose is to launch satellite the will see and obtain data on the upper rocket stage, its main idea is to know how the debris moves about in space.

A spokesperson from NASA said that fixing the issue of debris will need maximum cooperation between nations, 

Holger Krag, the head of space safety program office at the European Space Agency, said that they had the idea of using lasers to push the objects out of the path slowly, Chris Blackerby the director for Astroscale in Japan also added that the awareness is rising of the junk that is in the earth orbit

Another rising matter was the Kessler Syndrome, in which a scientist from NASA brought up that exploding chain of space could make exploring the area impossible for the forthcoming generations.

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