Satellite internet set to be launched in the Philippines by Hughes as initiated by Cignal TV

The Cignal TV Inc. a worldwide giant in communication satellite networks and services recently declared that it had chosen the Hughes JUPITER team systems to allow satellite communication networks and services to its millions of subscribers, it was agreed that Hughes would offer Cignal TV with consumer terminals and a broadband administration structure employing similar technology used by Hughes, Hughes uses power HughesNet which is a leading satellite internet services with over more than one million subscribers.

Jane Jimenez, the acting president, and chief executive officer of Cignal TV, quoted that they desired a platform that will offer an excellent experience for their millions of subscribers to launch the satellites hence that is why they selected Hughes Jupiter System, she went further and highlighted that Hughes had met their interests to back home internet consequently the platform has enhanced elasticity to contemplate new satellite services.

Also, the acting assistant vice president of Hughes Vaibhav Magow highlighted that he looked forward to partnering with Cignal TV to bring all their subscribers the good things the satellite internet offers, such as the healthcare, education, and many more basic staffs.

He further clarified that the partnership at hand emphasized the value of JUPITER systems as the maximum standard for communication satellite network enactment with flagship operators all over the globe, such as the Cignal TV, which has an outstanding performance and proficiencies of the platform to accomplish their business desires.

This JUPITER system is the forthcoming generation of Very Small Aperture Terminal platform that originates from Hughes for communication network services over conventional satellites and high-throughput, by using DVB-S2X standard for tremendous and effective usage of satellite bandwidth the JUPITER system can power its services on many spacecraft, almost forty of them around the globe hence terming it as the footing for HughesNet, the internet services initiated by these satellites which are available in different nations throughout America. In addition to that, the JUPITER system backs requests like the public Wi-Fi hotspots, business networks, and in-flight connectivity services.

Just a brief history about the Cignal TV and Hughes network systems, Cignal TV, was first founded in the year 2009 in the Philippines and it is currently the overall provider of DTH satellite, it conveys over a hundred channels with free air-to-air channels inclusive, it also provides audio channels and services that are on-demand as well

With Hughes, it is the global flagship communication satellite network technology and service for homes and offices as well, it is currently based in Washington DC in the U.S, and it fully possessed by EchoStar Corporation.

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