Together with Geely Auto Company, China’s Tech Giant Baidu will make electric cars

Baidu is set to create an electric vehicle company in conjunction with China’s Auto manufacturer, Geely. According to a source close to both companies, Baidu will develop the Electric car’s software. Geely will manufacture the body parts. Baidu, an equivalent of Google, is a Chinese technology company specializing in search engines, artificial intelligence, and internet products. It is one of the several tech gurus who have invested in electric vehicles auto-related technology. Others like Alibaba have partnered with SAIC Motor, a carmaker, to develop an electric vehicle business known as Zhiji.

The company, headquartered in Beijing, will be the major investor and control most of the shares. Geely will be the minority shareholder, being responsible for the manufacture of the car body. Both Baidu and Geely have not released an official statement on the issue. Advertising has been the major source of revenue for Baidu over the years. However, the company intends to expand its business to other fields, including cloud computing and autonomous driving software. By working with Geely, Baidu will exploit the car software space, which analysts find promising for the company.

Recently, the company tested its driverless car software, known as Apollo. These trials took place in Beijing. Baidu is set to face competition from other electric cars at home and away by venturing into this market. Baidu will be competing with Elon Musk’s tech company Tesla on the international level. It will be competing against electric car manufacturers such as Xpeng Motors, Nio, and Li Auto at home.

Due to the need for cleaner and greener energy, car manufacturer firms have invested in electric cars. This is in line with China’s zeal to reduce carbon emissions. For example, Didi, the ride-hailing taxi company, teamed up with BYD to unveil its electric vehicle. BYD is an auto manufacturer known for making cars, buses, trucks, battery-powered bicycles, solar panels, and bulk-storage rechargeable batteries. Similarly, Hyundai Motors is in talks with the American tech company Apple to make an electric car. According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there has been a surge in electric car sales from January to November 2020. This sale increased by 4.4% even though overall car sales declined by 7.6% in the pandemic-hit year.

Baidu provides other services alongside search engine and software development. The company launched a map app and voice assistant technology known as DuerOS in 2015. This app meets several needs for the user through specific voice interaction, including directions, creating reminders, and entertainment. It can be equipped inside a car just like Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

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